Starless Skies is the working title for an animation series, on the themes of ecology, adventure and science-fiction. The story  is intended for a young audience, pre-teen, teenager and young adults. Format 20 * 26′

A project by Jacob Henry & Sébastien Garnier.


arcology terraforming breach inner sea

Thousands of animals are lost forever


After the great ecological crisis of the 21st century, small communities of settlers migrated to the exoplanets aboard giant world-ships. While they struggle to maintain the fragile natural balance of their vessel, the inhabitants are torn apart in internal struggles. Astor and Lucy, children of the third generation, will seek a path of peace and survival for all, which will lead them to unlock the secrets of the ship and the reason for leaving Earth.


The civil war between the inhabitants caused a breach in the hull of the ship!

starlesss sky science-fiction cave Kratolithe
Starless sky science-fiction capital city utopia
la ville du dome central, la capitale de l'arche
exploration asteroid arcology
jungle farmers house mushroom
starlesss sky science-fiction cave Kratolithe
magic stone
Crab robot automata cobot