After studying art and 3D animation, I worked in 3D animation studios for 15 years, for film and television. I learned about the practical aspects of design and production and the vital importance of organizing pre-production ideas and data.

From now on, I focus on visual development and writing for animation, or any form of fiction that requires creating an imaginary world. For me, this goes through both text and image. Around a simple and strong idea, to compile information from disparate sources of inspiration, to document, to put them into perspective and to state the concepts that flow from them, to connect everything by a narration, a temporality, characters, places. The result is a deep, living and believable world, ready for any story.  Creative and curious, a great accumulator of information and stories, I’m never short of ideas to build worlds that does not collapse after two days (in the words of Phillip K.Dick) .

I can work as a member of a creative team or as a freelancer. Living in France, I have worked in the UK and China and look forward to new challenges.

In summary :

I have been working in the UK and China with english speakers..

  • 3D: modeler, generalist and FX
  • 2D: drawing, concept art, matte painting.
  • Design: characters, props, mechas, sets
  • Ecriture: bible, scenario, world building.

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