Paris, 2035: Selena, 30, is a researcher in astrophysics. He was offered to join a sprawling multinational company to continue his research. She accepts and participates in the « New Moon » project. A top-secret project that seems oversized: control the tides by putting a second artificial moon into orbit. But why? Officially, to create a profitable green energy.
But the reality is quite different…..


New Moon is a anticipation TV show written by Virgine Vanneph and Alban de Chambrun.


New Moon in transit near Earth

Bringing back the asteroid from the belt

Mission ship in final approach of Lutecia asteroid



I made those pictures as concept alongside the scenario (6 episodes of 26 minutes), an ecological futuritic story about bringing an asteroid into Earth orbit and the cynism of actual greenwashing from large corporations. This asteroid becomes both a huge profit perspective and a major threat above our planet.

In this scenario the company GONE brings back this second moon from the asteroid belt to put it in orbit around our Moon. It’s economically more affordable than a Lagrange point station. (anyway moving such a mass across the solar system isn’t realistic) But if it fell on Earth, it would be the end of many things…

The question of exploitation of asteroids like Psyche will soon be relevant. The space industry is still in its infancy, but there are already companies and states preparing for it. The value contained in some metal asteroids would reach hundreds or thousands trillions of dollars. Thus, the space industry could (and in the long run, it will most likely be) be more important than any other business on Earth.



The mission ship will be dismantled around the asteroid and its components will be reassembled on the asteroid itself. The solar panels will be fixed on a structure 3D printed with local rock and built by robots. Finally ionic thrusters will be arranged on the opposite side. (see below)

All is made with good old softimage\mental ray\ photoshop.

Internal New Moon prospective report: