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A song of ice and fire (game or song ?)

You could be forgiven for overlooking the fact that the original title of Game of thronesis actually A song of ice and fire. A game of thrones, after which the whole TV show is named, is merely the title of the first book of the author George R.R. Martin. Having two different titles for a single story therefore adds to the possibility of two different storylines and two different endings.

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The ray cat and the myth as a message through time.

How can we get a message from the present, in a distant future of 10,000 years? And, more importantly, how can we make sure that it will be properly understood by humans we cannot know anything about? This is the question authorities in charge of permanent radioactive waste storage sites are dealing with. And researches have come to an original yet not absurd answer: by creating a myth.

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Iain M. Banks Culture cycle adapted by Amazon.

Amazon Studios is launching the adaptation of the science fiction novels of the scottish writer Iain M. Banks. The cycle of Culture develops over several thousand years the history of a far futuristic civilization, so powerful, so vast and advanced that it defies the imagination. This does not prevent him from having problems from time to time with rival civilizations, such as a conflict as archaic as a religious war, the subject of the first book adapted Consider Phlebas.

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